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You can use your breath to nurture mindfulness, and to help gently anchor you in the present moment. Simply begin to notice how it feels to breath…the feeling of the breath as it comes into your body and the feeling of the breath as it leaves your body. You are breathing and you know that you are breathing. You don’t need to change the breath in any way, to breathe more deeply or more slowly. You don’t need to feel anything special. All that is required is to notice the breath moving in and the breath moving out. There is no right or wrong way to breathe here.

Have a go today: Try staying with one full in-breath and one full out-breath. Then try staying with the next full in-breath and the next full out-breath. Start gently linking in-breaths and out-breaths together like the loops in a Christmas paper-chain, paying attention to each individual breath as best you can. If the mind wanders, this isn’t a problem, it’s quite natural. Just return to the breath, the next in-breath or out-breath and carry on stringing more mindful breaths together.

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