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Wild Flowers

In automatic pilot mode, it is as if the body is doing one thing whilst the mind is doing something else. We do not intend to be preoccupied, it simply happens.

Session 1 - Waking Up from Automatic Pilot

This week we....

  • Discussed the group guidelines

  • Shared what we hoped to get out of the programme 

  • Practiced the 'Raisin Exercise'

  • Practiced Mindfulness of Body and Breath ​ 

  • Took part in the Five Finger Gratitude Practice

Home Practice Invitation

Before starting this week's home practice, please read through the session notes that you were given. You can also access an electronic copy by clicking on the notepad icon below. These notes will provide you with some background information, and some hints and tips to support your home practice. 

Scroll down to access the Guided Practice Recordings

A Formal Practice: Awareness of Body and Breath.

Using the recording, practice for 10 minutes every day this week.


An Informal Practice: Mindfulness of an Everyday Activity

Choose one routine activity in your daily life and make a deliberate effort to bring moment-to-moment awareness to that activity each time you do it, just as we did in the raisin exercise. Possibilities include waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth, showering, drying your body,  getting dressed, eating a meal or a snack, taking out the rubbish, shopping, and so forth. Just like during the raisin exercise, ‘zero in’ on knowing what you are doing as you are doing it. Notice body sensations, thoughts and feelings as they arise.


A New Habit In Everyday Life: Five Finger Gratitude Practice

Bring to mind five things for which you are grateful, counting them on your fingers and opening to and savouring the sensations of gratitude in the body as  best you can.

To find out more about why we begin with these practices, follow this link.

Session Notes


Raisin Practice Notes


Guided Practice: Mindfulness of Body & Breath

Male Voice

Sitting practice_edited_edited.png

Group Guidelines


Gratitude Practice Notes


Guided Practice: Mindfulness of Body & Breath

Female Voice (Jo)

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