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“By reflecting on the benefits you have gained from practicing mindfulness, you sow the seeds of good intention that will support your practice in the future”

Mark Williams, John Teasdale, Zindel Segal

Week 8 - What Now?

This week we....

  • Practiced a Body Scan

  • Reflected on the home practice for Week 7, including the Early Warning Systems and Action Plans​​

  • Reviewed the course, and reflected on its personal importance

  • Contemplated positive reasons for maintaining a regular mindfulness practice 

  • Discussed and planned how best to keep up the momentum of formal and informal practice developed over the past 7 weeks

  • Closed the course with a mindfulness practice, and wished each other well

Home Practice

Before starting this week's home practice, please read through the session notes by clicking on the notepad icon below. These notes will provide you with some background information, and some hints and tips to support your home practice. There is also a record sheet that you can print off to keep notes of your experiences of the practices.

This week's home practice:

  • Continue with a Sustainable Mindfulness Practice From the various forms of formal mindfulness practice you have explored settle on a pattern of practice that you can realistically sustain now the 8 weeks of the program are over. It’s fine to have different daily practices for weekdays and the weekend. Be realistic about the real constraints on your time while honoring mindfulness practice as a really important source of daily nourishment for you. As best you can, find a pattern and type of practice you feel comfortable with—there’s no need to force yourself to heroic efforts that are not sustainable. It’s better to plan too little (you can always add more later!) than plan too much (which may lead you to give up altogether)

Session Notes

notes 2_edited.png

Reflecting on

the Programme


Hokusai Says

wave 2_edited.png

Bells at 5, 10, 15, 20

and 30 minutes

bell 2_edited.png

Sitting Meditation

(20 minutes)

Sitting Meditation

(40 minutes - breath, body, sounds, thoughts)

Mindful Walking

Working with Difficulty Meditation (25 minutes)

3-Minute Breathing Space

3-Minute Responsive

Breathing Space (Extra Guidance)

Body Scan

(14 minutes)

Mindfulness of Breath and Body

(8 minutes)

Mindful Stretch

(9 minutes)

Experiment by following this practice with the 8 minute mindfulness of breath and body

Sitting Meditation (Breath, Body, Sounds & Thoughts (20 minutes)

Exploring Difficulty Meditation

(10 minutes)

Before starting this practice, settle with the 8 minute mindfulness of breath and body practice.

3 Minute Breathing Space

3 Minute Responsive Breathing Space - Extra Guidance

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