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The breath and body offer an ever-present focus that we can use to reconnect us with the present, to gather and settle the mind,

and to ease ourselves from states of ‘driven-doing’ into those of ‘mindful-being’.

Week 3 - Gathering the Scattered Mind

This week we....

  • Practiced a 5 minute seeing exercise

  • Practiced a 30 minute sitting meditation (Awareness of the Breath and Body)

  • Reflected on the home practice for Week 2

  • Practiced a 3 Minute Breathing Space

  • Practiced Mindful Stretching

  • Considered the Unpleasant Experience's Calendar (part of Week 3 home practice)

Home Practice

Before starting this week's home practice, please read through the session notes by clicking on the notepad icon below. These notes will provide you with some background information, and some hints and tips to support your home practice. There is also a record sheet that you can print off to keep notes of your experiences of the practices.

This week's home practice:

This week we are going to use three different formal practices:

  • Stretch and Breath Meditation - On Days 1, 3, and 5, use the combined Stretch and Breath meditation. This meditation combines a few minutes of gentle stretching exercises and instructions for mindfulness of the breath and body.


  • Mindful Movement - On Days 2, 4, and 6, use the Mindful Movement meditation and record your reactions on the Home Practice Record Form. If you have any back or other health difficulties that may cause problems, make your own decision as to which (if any) of these exercises to do, and consult your GP or physiotherapist if you are unsure.


  • Practice the 3-Minute Breathing Space - Every day practice using the 3-Minute Breathing Space three times a day, at set times that you have decided in advance,. Record each time by circling a ‘BS’ on the Home Practice Record Form.


  • Complete the ‘Unpleasant Experience Calendar’ (one entry per day). Try to bring awareness to at least one unpleasant event each day. Use this as an opportunity to become really aware of the thoughts, feelings, and body sensations around each unpleasant experience, at the time it is happening. Notice and record as soon as you can, in detail, the precise nature and location of bodily sensations and use the actual words or images in which the thoughts came. What are the unpleasant events that “pull you off centre” or “get you down” (no matter how big or small)?

To find out more about why we suggest these practices, follow this link.​

Complete the ‘Practice Record Form’ each time you do any of the practices. Make a note of anything that you notice.

Pressed for time? Shorter practices are available via the green play buttons. Please see the instructions below. 

Session Notes

notes 2_edited.png

Pressed for time? There is the option to do a short mindful stretch exercise (10mins) immediately followed by a short mindfulness of the breath and body sitting practice (10mins).

This replicates the longer Stretch and Breath practice. 

5 Minute Seeing Practice


Mindful Stretch (10mins)

Stretch & Breath

Mindfulness of Breath and Body (10mins)

Mindful Movement

3-Minute Breathing Space

3-Minute Breathing Space

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